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FRF '01 getting nearer

Getting excited about the Fuji Rock Festival now, actually - it's only just occurred to me that it's next weekend. Eeek. Last year was a blast; we skipped the Friday and just stayed for Saturday and Sunday, meaning we missed the torrential rain (yay) - and the Chemical Brothers (boo). I'm going for all three days this time, so let's hope we're that lucky with the weather again this year.

The line-up is looking good, very very good indeed. Orbital have been added since I checked last; that's obviously what the cryptic reference to a "well famous" British dance act was all about, then. I'll have to sit down with a print copy of the schedule, a highlighter and my pda at some point, to work out how it's all going to fit together.

I'm quite ambivalent about seeing Oasis; I think they're tossers, basically, but some of the stuff from either of their first two albums would go down well. Ditto Eminem; everything I've read in the media points towards his being an unprincipled racist homophobic imbecile, and I've only heard one of his tracks, I think, but I might as well have a quick peek to see if I can make up my own mind.

Acts I am excited about seeing, however:

  • Asian Dub Foundation
  • Coldcut
  • Fumiya Tanaka
  • New Order
  • Orbital
  • Rei Harakami
  • Richie Hawtin
  • Squarepusher
  • Stereo MC's
  • Tricky
  • Two Lone Swordsmen
  • Unkle
  • Yoshinori Sunahara
And then there's the acts that I wouldn't mind catching if I happen to be walking by:
  • Alanis Morissette
  • Ani DiFranco
  • Brian Eno
  • DJ Tsuyoshi
  • Echo & The Bunnymen
  • Hothouse Flowers
  • Juno Reactor
  • Kemuri
  • Manic Street Preachers
  • Mogwai
  • Semisonic
  • Stereophonics
  • Travis
And then there are the acts that no-one outside of the artists' immediate families has heard of. Now, you may think that some of those are in the wrong list. If so, why not make a convincing case for why I should see anyone it looks like I don't intend to see (or vice versa, though I can guarantee you'll have a tough time talking me out of the Orbital gig) and we'll see what happens.

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