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Ninja Tune Zen TV II Timetable up

Just a quick one to let you know that the timetable for this Friday's Ninja Tune extravaganza (see here for an earlier post) is now up on the Beatink website.

As always, there are a couple of annoying clashes, but that's kind of inevitable when you have multiple quality acts spread over three stages in a single night. The big three don't overlap, though. I think I'm going to be aiming for DK, then 30mins of Daedelus, then Matt Black's DJ set, then the first half of Jon More's DJ set, then probably the entirety of the Hexstatic, Coldcut and Kentaro sets in the main hall. Possibly I'll squeeze in little trips to the Spank Rock live set, if only to catch a glimpse of their much-vaunted Air Cock Thrust manoeuvre (don't ask; click if you must, but don't ask) in the raw. Also I'd quite like to catch bits of Skalpel and Rainstick Orchestra. And Dom. Ok, fine: I want to see EVERYONE. Curse this whole being-in-one-place-at-one-time thing.

If you don't already have tickets, grab 'em while you can. I think Lawson and Ticket Pia stop selling them a couple of days before the gig, so go go go.

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Assorted linkery for April 1st (no, really)

Hah, yeah, I could sit on the sofa and read these magazines, or I could actually spend the entire evening surfing the interwebnet. Top picks:

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Byte Size 060401 at Bar Aoyama

Fans of fucked-up laptop techno should get along to Bar Aoyama tonight for Byte Size 060401.

Not sure I'll be able to make it, as I'm now very firmly installed on the sofa with a pile of magazines to read through while the missus is out at a hen night. That's how we mice live it up here at Tokyo Tales Towers when the cat's away: The Economist, Empire, and Edge.

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Sony to Ditch UMD Movies?

I wondered if this might happen: UMD Movies for PSP Now on Endangered Species List

Only one year after Sony launched the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in the U.S., rumors are brewing that production of feature-length movies based on the PSP's proprietary Universal Media Disc (UMD) format will come to a screeching halt.

Since the launch of the PSP, sales of UMD movies have gone from underwhelming to almost invisible, prompting experts to predict that the end is near.

Part of the reason Sony is having this problem, said Mukul Krishna, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, is the proprietary nature of the UMD technology. While most other developers are moving to open formats that offer greater interoperability, Sony's focus on developing its own technologies ties users down to a single device.

"Anyone who is going for anything proprietary is shooting themselves in the foot," Krishna opined. "Unless it is a very niche market, it makes no sense having a proprietary format."

Will Sony ever learn? First they invent an MP3 player that doesn't play MP3s (which they had to phase out when, surprise, no-one bought it), then they sneak malicious, non-removable spyware onto their customers' computers and, when caught, lie about it. (Also, be sure to check out their amazingly invasive and restrictive end-user license agreement (EULA) from around the same time.)

And now, yet another attempt to force users into purchasing proprietary formats comes back to bite them on the ass. Well done, Sony. How long before they just split the company right down the middle?

NB: The article doesn't explicitly mention the UMD's future as the media for PSP games, only movies...

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