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Breaking: Pope Catholic

Shocking headline of the week, courtesy of Yahoo news and Reuters: Beer popular at World Cup.

And on page two, "Pope in Catholicism Shocker". Also be sure to check out the earth-shattering "Bear Caught Shitting in Woods" on page four.

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Smashing orangey bits

Oh for heaven's sake. Jaffa Cakes are clearly neither cakes nor biscuits. They are a food group in their own right and ought to be completely exempt from tax along with books and children's clothing. I just hope that local Japanese shopkeepers get into the spirit of things and start stocking them over here... I haven't had any for months.

If I remember correctly, my spies in the UK reported a while back that genetic tinkering had resulted in lemon and lime-flavoured jaffas... these are clearly abominations and must be removed from the face of the planet, preferably one by one. Orally.

And, on that note, a quick shout to the friend of mine (he knows who he is) who once managed to convince an Australian girl we met in a Shinjuku club that his name was in fact "Jaffa", due to a ficticious Arabian mother - despite his thick northern accent and unmistakably caucasian features. Mind you, I hope he won't mind my saying that he definitely has something of the look of a camel about him, in bad light at least.

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Obscure Desire of Bourgeoisie

A recent stroll around the backstreets of Harajuku yielded some marvellous Japlish shop names.

I have to go back and buy something from each, just for the bags.

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Get your collective groove on

Cool T-shirt spotted in a dive-like ramen joint in Shinjuku:

OUR FAVOLITE collective groove: monkey people
the main reason is, we are all people
Well whaddaya know? The monkey people are *my* favolite collective groove, too. I should have introduced myself.

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Ah, that's *so* much better. Take all the frustrations and stress points of the last week, roll them up in a tight little ball, take that ball clubbing and leave it somewhere in the midst of 900 sweaty, heaving bodies dancing themselves witless to the sounds of three relentlessly full-on drum'n'bass DJs.

Works for me, anyway.

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Moaning in the rain, just moaning in the rain

It's been raining steadily since yesterday, which I don't normally mind so much. Unfortunately at the moment I'm wet, cold, tired, agitated after a stressful week at work, pissed off with myself for finally giving in and *buying* a frikking umbrella (when did that happen? when did I suddenly become the kind of person who buys umbrellas?) and even though it's Friday night, all I want to do is curl up in a ball on my sofa and give up.

For christ's sake. Anyone got a feelgood mantra they could lend me? I don't need it for long, I'll give it straight back, I swear.

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Busy as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest

Busy, busy, busy.

How're you?

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That's no moon

I've just missed most of Star Wars... the first thing on Japanese TV I've *wanted* to watch in four years, and I come in with five minutes to go. For christ's sake.

Chewie sounds very similar in Japanese. Some things you just can't translate.

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Golden Weak

So it's been Golden Week for the last, er, week. I had, theoretically, ten continuous days off to look forward to. I've been celebrating by going in to the office for the last four days straight, and working up-to-11-hour days. Not... sure... why...

So now it's Friday night, and I have three golden days left. I don't have any grand travel plans - it's far too late for that - but I plan to make the most of not having anything to do for the next 72 hours. Golden Week starts here - seven days late, but moving fast.

(Hmmm... it seems I've been here before...)

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Thicker than water

I'm no expert, but it strikes me that the main reasons for having a hot shower after going for a run ought to be:

a) to get rid of all the sweat, or
b) to relax and loosen your muscles
but not
c) to wash the dried blood out from under your toenails.


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