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Things I Have Been Doing Since We Last Met #1 - DJing

The last two days have seen a slight slacking off in the otherwise frantic pace of development here at Tokyo Tales; yesterday was spent fine-tuning (i.e. obsessing over) the tracklisting for this coming Friday's extravaganza - yours truly trying his hand at DJing. No, don't laugh. Ok, well, maybe just a little guffaw.

A friend of a friend runs a night every month or so at a small club in Shibuya. The club is called, appropriately enough given my lack of skills behind the decks, NoStyle, and is nestled in the hilly backstreets behind the Mark City complex. The organiser is quite happy to let even first-timer muppets like myself loose in the DJ booth, hence my involvement.

This week will be my third go, and I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. The first time I did it was a few months ago, in May, so I'm still quite a novice. They're only short sets, 30 minutes, and I'm doing the whole thing from CD, so I'm well aware that it won't count as "real" DJing to any vinyl purists out there, and I'm sure I sucked more ass than a donkey-licking convention in Tijuana, but the first one in particular was great fun nonetheless. And seeing as I have approximately 300 CDs and exactly 0 LPs with me here in Japan, digital was really my only option - short of going on a sudden spending spree through the aisles of Disc Union, of course.

Anyway, stay tuned for future announcements. Playlist for May's debut is over the fold, if you're interested (and get yourself a copy of that Love Will Freak Us by Dsico, which is clearly the best mash-up in the world ever, while you're at it).

アセカカ☆ナイト(Asekaka Star Night) @ Club NoStyle, May 4th 2005:

  • The Avengers theme - John Barry
  • Wonderful Night - FatBoy Slim
  • Mass Destruction - Faithless
  • Ninja Tune - Hexstatic
  • Mirror in the Bathroom / Square Off - The Beat / Mask (Now, Listen! Ninja Tune)
  • A Number of Microphones - Propellerheads
  • Eple - Royksopp
  • The Beat Goes On - Talvin Singh
  • Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
  • Fogma - Groove Armada
  • The Big Jump - Chemical Brothers
  • Normal (Helston Flora Remix) - Baby Ford (26 Mixes For Cash, Aphex Twin)
  • Love Will Freak Us - Dsico

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