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The Getaway 2: Black Monday - Japan release date announced

So, you remember The Getaway? The PS2 game that came out in 2002 in which you played an ex-gang member drawn back into the seedy underbelly of London's criminal underworld? The one where you had to drive a series of vehicles on missions around an extremely realistically modelled London? Then get out and shoot people / set fire to things? The one with the madly over-the-top cockney accents? The one with the piss-poor third-person shooter control system? Of course you do.

Well, Black Monday, the sequel to The Getaway, was released in the UK late last year. At the time, I had a look around for any signs of a Japan release date but came up empty-handed. As a character from the game would no doubt say, "Faaakin' 'ell!" Well, quite.

However! Cor blimey, stone the crows, me old mucker! I recently tried again and this time hit paydirt. The sequel will be released in Japan on November 10th 2005, or 2005年11月10日, if you prefer. The page is here, if you want to do it that way.

Now, a word or two of warning: the original game was highly entertaining, but, as mentioned above, suffered from an appallingly-implemented third-person-shooter control system in the running-about-shooting sections (among other faults). I didn't mind this too much, as the driving missions more than made up for it. The sheer thrill of deftly weaving a Lexus Coupe through oncoming traffic while haring the wrong way at speed round Hyde Park Corner, with Yardies and cop cars in hot pursuit, was unbeatable.

Unfortunately, all reviews indicate that these problems have not been fixed in the sequel. Which is a real shame, because I bet it's going to look awesome, with the same OTT production values as the first game and (please, please) even more outrageous cockney posturing. So, if ¥7,140 sounds a bit steep, I suggest you wait for a second hand copy.

Right - I'm off to practice my East London gangland patois. Shut it!

The Getaway: Black Monday - Official Site (Sega)
「ゲッタウェイ ブラックマンデー」公式サイト (セガ)

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