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I know it's been said to death but admit it: you couldn't help but reference the events of last week via special effect-laden movies such as Die Hard or The Siege, could you? It's hardly surprising, really - after all, how often do we see this kind of thing in real life? Hardly bloody ever, thank god.

I suppose that one danger with subconciously registering this spectacular as the opening scene of a billion-dollar blockbuster is that we've come to expect happy endings by the time we get to the bottom of our popcorn buckets. Easily-defined enemies, a daring plan, snappy dialogue, gung-ho heroics and possibly a bit of personal sacrifice on the way to a climactic retribution, soot-blackened faces, a satisfying resolution and the closing theme music.

Bush is certainly working on the first three, but how far will we get with the remaining plot devices? Is this going to be a Bruckheimer, a Spielberg or a Malick?

But anyway. The reason I brought you all here tonight was to point you towards this excellent New Yorker article, from a film critic's perspective. Touching and genuine, the first piece I've read that adresses the undeniable cinematic angle so eloquently, while rooting the tragedy very firmly in the real world, where it undeniably belongs. (via, as always)

Then you might go and watch this and this. And then this, I suppose, if you really must; just don't be surprised if things don't turn out quite that way.

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