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I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it

And, lest we forget, the next big match is Ing-ger-land vs. Argentina, tomorrow night in Sapporo on their spiffy floating pitch; it's an utter conceit, there's no need for it at all but, at the same time... wow! Cool!

And, just in case anyone was starting to relax about the potential for crowd trouble after the utterly benign England-Sweden encounter, tonight one channel previewed the Argentina game by running a short retrospective feature that took in the 1966 World Cup (we beat them in the quarter-finals), the 1986 World Cup (they beat us in the quarter-finals with a little help from the Hand of God), the 1998 World Cup (Beckham gets self sent off, they beat us on penalties in the second round) and of course the 1982 Falklands War (they set up camp in our penalty box, we fight back to we beat them after three weeks of extra time in the South Pacific). Seriously, they had stock footage of Harriers taking off from HMS Hermes, the Belgrano going down and even HMS Sir Galahad on fire - the implication presumably being that England are on a mission to avenge the Welsh Guards we lost twenty years ago almost to the day.

For Christ's sake. No wonder the average sarariman-on-the-street is expecting to be butchered alive by mobs of bloodthirsty hooligans, if this is the kind of press the match is getting. Let's hope that England and Japan do actually meet in the semis this year, as at least maybe then we'll have The Bridge on the River Kwai and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence re-runs to look forward to.

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