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Things I Have Been Doing Since We Last Met #3 - Getting My Yoga On

Er, yes. I don't quite know how it happened, but I started going to yoga classes a few months ago. Yoga's one of those things that I'd always been a little wary of, you know... it always seemed a little new-agey, drum-circley, trendy-cod-spirituality, macrobiotic-diet-zealotty... actually, I'm not sure half of those are even words, so I'll stop there but, well, perhaps you get my drift.

However, it's actually pretty good. I'm not big on the whole spiritual aspect of it, as you might have inferred from the above rant (the rest of the class chants "om", I mumble "umm..."), but as far as an exercise regimen goes it's certainly hitting the spot. I have something of a breakthrough to announce: after just three months of classes, I am now able to touch my toes for the first time in, I estimate, 25 years.

Seriously, I've just never been able to do it until now. It's not like I'm too tubby or anything - quite the opposite, I more closely resemble a particularly dehydrated grasshopper who's been on hunger strike for the last six months - but I'm about as flexible as one of those ice-ace neanderthal corpses they're always chipping out of the Himalayan permafrost.

So, I'm enjoying the yoga. I have my own mat and everything, though obviously I balked at getting one in organic, earthy colours. Luckily Nike do gun-metal grey ones with pseudo-pscientific "biomimetic grip matrix" patterns woven into them, which was suitably pretentious for my future-tech sensibilities. (It'll have to do until Apple bring one out, anyway - an iMat? Nevermind.)

A big shout must go out to Leza, May, Bibi and everyone at Sun & Moon Yoga in Meguro, to whom I dedicate my newly-reachable toes; thanks, guys - my toes are your toes (but much, much hairier).

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